“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi
Half of the Indian population is below the age of 25. Simultaneously, the bitter fact is that India contributes 37% to the world illiterate population. It rests upon our shoulder that how we keep the fate of the country from being gloomy.
Ask yourself:
Do you get bothered when you see children searching food in garbage to ensure survival?
Do you feel unhappy when you see young children collecting scrap metal at the age they are meant to be in school?
Do you think that YOU can bring a change in someone’s life?
If yes, JOIN US.


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Watching children studying at schools near his slum, Virendra dreamt of following their suit and going to school. Unfortunately, being a daily wage labor to a contractor, his father could not afford his education. He lives in a small room in Dhobi Basti with a family of 7. His home is a temporary establishment provided by the contractor. Virendra seemed to have no choice but to follow the steps of his father to become a labor himself.

After getting associated with Disha, Virendra has connected with his dreams of studying at school. Today he dreams of becoming a teacher rather than a laborer.

At Disha, we believe that each one of us can be the catalyst to a positive change. Each of us can lend a hand in the formation of educated India.

Help millions of other children discover education. Help them by replacing bricks and brooms in their hands by books.

Donate and be a part of responsible India.

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For Indian Grant/Money
Name of Account DISHA
Bank & Address Bank of Baroda, Kirti Nagar Branch, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015
Account Number 16460100005563
MICS Number 110012022
For Foreign Grant/Money
Name of Account DISHA
Bank & Address Bank of Baroda, Kirti Nagar Branch, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015
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Sponsor a child's education: remedial /coaching for one year to a child :
DISHA has consistently focused on education of children. Here's how you can support with remedial /coaching for one year to a child. All it takes is Rs.11700 ( US$ 180) to support with remedial /coaching for one year to a child.

Fund a alternative education center for children :
A alternative education center (AEC) provides educational and vocational training to children either working or street between 6 and 14 years, who are not able to attend regular schools. These centers supplement regular primary education and motivate children to learn and want an education. You can sponsor an AEC for a year. All it takes is Rs.15600 ( US$ 240) to support a child's education in AEC for a year.

Sponsor a health a worker :
Health workers act as a link between the government health department and the community by helping the latter, especially the children, avail of health facilities provided by the government. Their main role is to raise awareness about basic health care and health-related issues. They help organize immunisation, other medical camps and follow-ups for them; infant mortality surveys and with balwadi teachers, monitors growth of children. To help them with their work, they are provided with regular training and support in terms of medical supplies and equipment. You can sponsor health care for a family for Rs.1200 for a year.

Sponsor a Village Community Volunteer for a year :
Village Community Volunteers are a vital component of the non-formal education (NFE) and community development network. They interact not only with the children but also with the communities around them. Under DISHA -supported initiatives, Village Community Volunteers are given regular training on teaching methodology and education content, in order to make learning fun, involving and relevant process for the children. They are also trained to act as links between projects and the communities, by educating parents about children's rights and ensuring that they enroll their children into schools. You can sponsor a Village Community Volunteer for a year by contributing Rs. 15,00.

Support DISHA cost by adopting a village or a slum cluster :
To enable DISHA optimize it's resources, help contribute towards DISHA cost by contributing for community development initiatives in education, health, vocational training, sanitation and potable water by sponsoring these activities for Rs.1000/- per person annually. Volunteering with DISHA takes varied forms - to helping in administrative work or copy writing; people have contributed in their individual capacity. When you volunteer with DISHA, we can promise that you will surely make a difference - both to a people life and your own. All donations to DISHA are eligible for 50% tax exempt under section 80G.