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Donate Material

Watching children studying at schools near his slum, Virendra dreamt of following their suit and going to school. Unfortunately, being a daily wage labor to a contractor, his father could not afford his education. He lives in a small room in Dhobi Basti with a family of 7. His home is a temporary establishment provided by the contractor. Virendra seemed to have no choice but to follow the steps of his father to become a labor himself.

After getting associated with Disha, Virendra has connected with his dreams of studying at school. Today he dreams of becoming a teacher rather than a laborer.

At Disha, we believe that each one of us can be the catalyst to a positive change. Each of us can lend a hand in the formation of educated India.

Help millions of other children discover education. Help them by replacing bricks and brooms in their hands by books.

Donate and be a part of responsible India.

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